Spontaneous Meditation

Spontaneous Meditation strengthens and supports both the mind and body to enhance health and well-being. This technique nurtures all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – and improves all aspects of being. Our physical and emotional health improves and creativity in life increases. We become more sensitive to our surroundings and environment, behavior and diet; we begin to recognize what is harmful to us and are naturally led to modify our behavior to that which is beneficial to us. Spontaneous Meditation is a systematic technique taught by a trained instructor and cannot be learned from a book. It is not concentration, contemplation, manipulation of the mind or self hypnosis.  This technique spontaneously takes the mind to the deep inner source of awareness which is full of infinite wisdom and knowledge, similar to the DNA in our cells. Tapping this source regularly nurtures and improves our life, reduces stress, tension, anxiety, etc. There are beneficial changes in our physiology like normalizing blood pressure, better sleep, better relationships, less tension, increased creativity and enjoyment of life. Over time, meditation also results in better health as indicated by reduced illness rates, reduced doctor’s visits and reduced hospitalization. Spontaneous Meditation is taught in three sessions, with each session lasting between 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

Comments from participants:

“Sense of calm that stayed with me all day, guiding me”

“A simple approach with such profound effects on peace of mind and relaxation”

“After meditation I feel more energetic, focused and alert”